Firm Profile

2+ Architects is an award-winning Architecture and Interior Design firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. Founding Principal, Edgardo Macchi AIA, collaborates with his team to produce high-quality commercial, mixed-use, retail, and hospitality projects.

2+ Architects has grown steadily over the past years, leading them to assemble a larger team to accommodate an expanding Clientele. Additionally, the firm’s portfolio now includes Institutional and Entertainment projects.

The Team at 2+ Architects brings their “Plus” factor to each Client meeting and project conceptualization. This factor represents the firm’s passion for design, attention to detail, and close collaboration with the Client. Ultimately, these qualities enable them to develop and design their Client's vision into a functional, successful, and sustainable project.

2+ Architects takes pride in the number of repeat Clients that choose and trust them to build their vision. Their dedication to years of innovative and responsible design experience, which considers both the Client and the Community, has established them as a leading solid and creative force in South Florida.

Mission statement

2+ Architects is a Coral Gables based Architecture and Interior Design studio whose mission is to provide excellence in design craftsmanship through a genuine collaborative effort, in an environment that fosters enjoyment of the work process for our clients and our team members.

The studio’s extensive experience, dedication, strong work ethic and “Plus (+) Mentality” makes it possible to achieve best practices and provide our clients with superior service. This mentality encompasses a can-do attitude, attention to detail and a collaborative spirit. It is exemplified in our ability to offer more to our clients, in every additional team member that is carefully selected to come on board, and in the positive nature of our office operations.

Our passion for design results in successful and sustainable projects. 2+ Architects fervently strives to achieve a course of action that allows us to bring about the client’s vision and to achieve a successful work/life balance. It is through this balance that we continue to create work that satisfies our clients, fulfills our high standards and plays a positive role in our community.




260 Andalusia Avenue,
Coral Gables, FL 33134