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There is a beauty to a certain mentality, one we encourage our clients to adopt and one that we integrate into our business model. This is if you open yourself up, allow yourself the freedom of creativity, and believe in your desires, you can will it into existence. This is the Plus Mentality, where with open communication and collaboration with our clients, we want to help construct your ideal residential, commercial, or hospitality project. Located in Coral Gables, Florida 2+ Architects is a Miami Architecture and Interior Design studio dedicated to working consistently and enthusiastically with clients to construct unique projects.

Based in Miami, 2+ Architect works exclusively in the Miami/South Florida area. We love our community, and with our passion for architecture and design, not only do we want to satisfy the needs of our clients, we also want to do our part in the community. We take projects we know will preserve the culture of the community while also elevating it, to promote the beautiful and sustainable neighborhood we’re in. Our layouts and designs are inspired by the local flavor, greenery, and history of Miami. So even in residential projects, we want to maintain the historical structural integrity while adding a more modern and contemporary feel to the building and it’s landscape.

We love Miami, and with your mixed-use, residential, or commercial project we’ll make sure you’ll love it too.


2+ Architects is an Architecture and Interior Design studio located in Coral Gables, Florida. The studio is defined by the organic nature in which it developed. Since 2005, while at a large Miami firm, the founding Principals, Edgardo Macchi, AIA and Paola Castano, Assoc. AIA, met and collaborated on a number of award-winning mixed-use, residential, retail, and hospitality projects.

Through the years they were independently commissioned for private work that grew at a gradual yet steady pace, leading the way for 2+ Architects to come together naturally as a necessary part of a whole and position itself as a solid and creative force in South Florida.