Bayamo Residence

Coral Gables, FL


3,420 SF

This Historic Residence in Coral Gables, Florida, was designed by renowned architect Alfred Browning Parker and exemplifies his signature design fundamentals of place-specific, climate sensitive architecture that makes use of passive design elements such as cross-ventilation. 2+ Architects, in a team effort with Moniomi, interior designer, and Lewis Aqui, landscape designer, is currently working on the design for an addition to this historic house.

The 2+ team, while subtly acknowledging the building’s past, had to consider its current and future needs. Closely following the guidelines and specific regulations of the Historic Preservation Board and the Board of Architects in Coral Gables, the 2+ team addressed the special detailing required to continue the original style with an emphasis on the wood details of the original 1960’s house.