Growhealthy orlando

Orlando, FL


 2012 SF

GrowHealthy owns twenty-two dispensaries throughout Florida. The brand strives to create a professional and product-centric environment within each store.

To design the Orlando branch, 2+ Architects utilized their extensive knowledge of state legislation to inform their design. The small space posed a unique challenge for the team. They had to convert the store into an inviting space that upholds state regulations. These regulations require cannabis products to remain concealed from the public outside of the store. 

The team avoided laminating the windows since this would have made the store seem even smaller. Instead, they chose to place strategic walls between the sales floor and the reception room. These walls obstruct the view of the sales floor while the windows in the small reception room make it appear large and feel open. Throughout the rest of the store, vertical wooden strips integrated with educational infographics conceal spaces such as the consultation room and other operational functions.