Coral Gables, FL


 1,797 SF

The city of Coral Gables serves as the location for this next project. This city draws influence from Spanish heritage to shape much of the architecture and lifestyle of the area. Keeping this in mind, the team at 2+ Architects let the unique environment of Coral Gables inform many of their design choices. In particular, the floor design uses a flower shape that resembles the Flor de Lis, a reoccurring design in Spanish coats of arms. Even the restaurant layout itself echoes the Miracle Mile experience- a phrase that describes the paradox the city experiences by being both leisurely and fast-paced. The counter extends to the storefront, allowing pedestrians to quickly access the service counter for a bite on the go. Whereas clients moving at a relaxed pace can enjoy a variety of seating options to suit their needs. The seating options range from 2-top tables to lounge and communal seating-both indoors and outdoors. While waiting, clients may find entertainment in watching the chefs prepare their food via a large window displaying the sandwich preparation room.