Rodilla wynwood

 Wynwood, FL


 3,500 SF

In 1939, Antonio Rodillo founded Rodilla, a sandwich shop in Madrid, Spain. The popularity of the shops and the delectable sandwiches— recipes which remain secret but to a select few, propelled the shops to expand to 142 locations throughout Europe. Now, owned and profitably operated by Estrella Damm and The Damm Company, they are opening their first locations in the United States. They contracted 2+ Architects to design four locations throughout South Florida that range in size from 1,427 SF to 3,500 SF.

The Rodilla sandwich shops are known for their craftsmanship as well as for mixing modern carpentry with vintage furniture. Their stores often feature vintage casework and pendant lights of similar tones to capture the overall atmosphere. The floor design changes at each location to represent the uniqueness of each community Rodilla serves. These designs vary between geometric and fluid forms. However, they always use micro cement to create a cohesive finish. 

While designing the Rodilla at Wynwood, the team at 2+ Architects let their knowledge of the local community inform their design. They recognize that the vibrant murals created by local artists serve as a calling card for Wynwood. As such, they chose to commission a local artist to create a unique facade for the store. Drawn in by the artwork, a large indoor mural then greets the customers as they await their orders.